Deep & Wide (March 2018)


Rooted Week 1: Trust (March 2107)

Journal Questions:

  1.   Who or what do I trust the most?

  2.   What would it look like for me to trust God more?

  3.   What scares me more:  no God or no money?

  4.   If I trust God more, what am I scared that He will do or take?

  5.   Is everything I’ve been given, mine?

Rooted Week 2: Sacrifice

Journal Questions: 

1. Where’s my treasure, my heart, my ultimate hope? 

2. What could be my "alabaster jar"? What would it mean for me to sacrifice it - to give it up for something I love more?

Rooted Week 3: Surrender

Journal Questions: 

1. What's in my hand? 

2.  Is there anything I am holding on too tightly to?

3.  Why is it hard for me surrender to God?

4.  How does needing control keep me from adventure?


Rooted Week 4: Faithfulness

Journal Questions: 

1.  God, what do you see about my faithfulness? 

2.  Is there anywhere I am rushing the process?

3.  Am I faithful?  How do I know? 

4.  In what areas of my life is God growing my faith?  How?